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COVID-19 Job Search Series - Alumni/Employer Panel - Speaker view
Pam Kokkalis
This is very true Frank! Thank you for bringing this up.
Jennifer Tykwinski
What would you replace the Objective label with?
Elizabeth Hansinger
I will let the panelists answer chime in as well but I would suggest for someone at least 5 years out of undergrad, possibly a Professional Summary.
Frank DeVecchis
A motivated, young professional with a excellent interpersonal and communications skills and proven record of effectively applying selling techniques while managing multiple customers and working independently as a member of a high-performing team.
If you have job experience outside of your field, shadowing experience, and past projects but no internships yet, do you appear unqualified? If so, how can that perception be changed?
Pam Kokkalis
Don't forget professional associations! They are valuable on many fronts!